IV Infusions

Helping You Get Back on Your Feet

Rehydrate and care for your body with an IV infusion in Ventnor City, NJ

Beating a hangover or rehydrating after you've been sick is easier with an IV infusion. LET'S FACE IT botox & more in Ventnor City, NJ offers infusions through our talented professionals to help our customers feel better faster.

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Our infusions

Our infusions

Want to try an infusion? Our IV infusions include the:

  • Myers Cocktail for $160 - an infusion of vitamins and minerals that may reduce fatigue, aid hydration and more.
  • REBOOT at the "After Party" for $120 - ease your hangover headache, nausea and dehydration. You can also add Zofran for $30.
  • Recover and Performance for $145 - shorten recovery time for your strained muscles with our anti-inflammatory mix.
  • Inner Beauty for $115 - get a dose of vitamin C, biotin and various B vitamins to fight tired, aging skin.
  • Immunity for $115 - a proprietary blend of vitamins and minerals that may boost the immune system, aid recovery and help with brain fog and fatigue.

We also offer B-12 injections for just $30. For more information on any of our IV infusions, reach out to us today.