Embrace the fountain of youth with Botox services.

Facial Fillers

Add volume to your face with facial fillers.

Laser Treatments

Reverse the effects of aging with laser skin treatments.


Kybella injections are FDA-approved to remove double chins.

Beauty is more than skin deep

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Our clients trust us with cosmetic services like:

Skin rejuvenation
Botox services
Facial fillers
Laser skin treatments
Kybella injections
Neck and cheek augmentation
Laser hair removal
Acne treatments
Skin Better Science- continue your skincare at home.

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When you visit LET'S FACE IT botox & more, you're in capable hands because:

All medical practitioners are board certified and licensed
Our team has over 23 years of cosmetic experience
We provide a free consultation with no obligation

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Meet our practitioners

After starting their careers in emergency medicine, Dr. Ave Maria Guerrieri, DNP and Dr. Evamarie Guerrieri, DO formed LET'S FACE IT botox & more to offer top-notch cosmetic services. They provide individualized care to Ventnor City, NJ residents backed by over 23 years of combined experience.

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