About Us

At LET'S FACE IT botox & more, we are dedicated to helping others put their "best face forward". Our master injectors have over 20 years of combined experience with facial aesthetics. Dr. Ave Maria Guerrieri, DNP and Dr. Evamarie Guerrieri, DO are board certified licensed medical practitioners, who have spent their careers practicing medicine in the emergency department. This experience has taught them two important lessons that have become core values at Let's Face It; that trust is central to delivering care and that appearance is more than cosmetic.

We all want to present our best selves and to be proud of our appearance. To be approachable and attractive without loosing our natural symmetry. At Let's Face It, we provide subtle, yet effective changes with a positive experience, using an array of cosmetic procedures to help achieve these goals. We want you to be the best you can be while enhancing your genuine self.

Mission Statement

Our mission at 'LETS FACE IT' is to provide exceptional aesthetic results using nonsurgical cosmetic procedures. We are a trusted family oriented business and believe that men and women of all ages should be given the opportunity to enhance their appearance and rejuvinate their true beauty while maintaining that perfect balance of your natural form and authentic attractiveness.